The Groupings

1st Tee AM / 10th Tee PM

Steve Smith
Matt Adams
Josh Mathias
Steve Titheridge

2nd Tee AM / 11th Tee PM

James Keenan
Russell Lempa
Richard Neno
Bryn Belton

3rd Tee AM / 12th Tee PM

Group A
Daniel Ward
James Neno
Steve White
Robb Firth

Group B
John Styles
Brian Roberts
Maizey Raine
Mark Jones

4th Tee AM / 13th Tee PM

Paul Lamb
Ted Roache
Dutch Holland
Andy Young

5th Tee AM / 14th Tee PM

Don Philpott
Mike Hampson
Dickie Davis
Vince McKenzie

6th Tee AM / 15th Tee PM

Paul D'Arcy
Ray Ball
Sammy McDowell
Will Gillespie

7th Tee AM / 16th Tee PM

Scott Livingstone
Lee Burrows
Sam Cook
Tim Liell

8th Tee AM / 17th Tee PM

Steve King
John Burnett
Jan Poole
Claus Capes

9thTee AM / 18th Tee PM

Danny Strather
Phil Standby
Ed Gaught
Bob Mosely

10th Tee AM / 1st Tee PM

Group A
Taff Reha
Max Halbauer
Mark Chiverton
Tony Cameron

Group B
Luke Lucas
Chris Hooper
Steve Campbell
Steve Darwen

11th Tee AM / 2nd Tee PM

Chris Robbins
Simon Harper
Tony Crehan
Pete Ashford

12th Tee AM / 3rd Tee PM

Gary Cox
Lee Saunders
Jamie Ritchie
Pete Edwards

13th Tee AM / 4th Tee PM

Terry Nicholls
Steve Drayton
Craig Caesar
Ian Sheridan

14th Tee AM / 5th Tee PM

Simon Deverill
Tony Rowe
Stu Slowther
Andy Sinclair

15th Tee AM / 6th Tee PM

Andrew Such
Paddy Taylor
Graham Rickett
Colin Wilson

16th Tee AM / 7th Tee PM

Andy Cobbold
Mike Deady
Pat Dinmore
Martin Goacher

17th Tee AM / 8th Tee PM

Peter Howe
Dave Howe
Ed Simpson
Colin Aubrey

18th Tee AM / 9th Tee PM

Russ Conway
Paul Burton
Mark Gibson
Tony Marden

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